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Monday, Monday

I had a post all written and it disappeared!  Oh well…I will try to remember what I wrote.  I mostly wanted to thank you all for commenting and sending emails.  I know how precious your time is and I do appreciate you all.  It looks like tomorrow will be the big day.  Mom will be coming home with hospice care and I think she is a bit nervous about it.  Understandably.  I will keep you posted on what all takes place.

Here are a couple of new pictures of the remodel.


a little blurry but I was in a hurry.  And my new porch light.


I think the carpet is coming out today.  Also I do have a new recipe for you.  Bread Pudding.  Benjamin wanted my mom’s bread pudding and he had watched her make it probably a dozen times.  So he resided over my lack of expertise and it came out delish!  I will post the recipe maybe tonight…no promises of course.

Again thank you all so much. Have a great early Autumn Monday!


Okay, okay…but just a couple.


I am getting very excited about my Birthday Giveaway!  VERY.  So I have this little pile of things started. I can’t stand not telling you a little something!  Now your first hint:

  1. The box will contain a few of my favorite things.  If you read my blog regularly, you might have some ideas. 

I am trying to keep it all contained in a flat rate box…which is moot point if someone outside the US wins!  I think I am going to individually wrap each thing…makes it more of a surprise! Or surprises in this case! If you dont have your name in the jar you better get to it!  Just 6 more days! 



My latest kitchen stuff…

You know I love whimsical things…like my mailbox numbers Husband made me. LOVE black iron things. And brooms…whimsical brooms that is.

Here are a couple of my latest finds…


The broom I found online…cant locate the website right this minute but will post it later. I bought the one piece flatware at World Market to see how it did in the dishwasher…cause, well, as much as I loved it, if it didnt stand the dishwasher test I would just forget it.  But I am very happy to report it did beautifully!  So Saturday, I will be purchasing the whole set.  Maybe start out with service for 8 and then get another service for 8 later on.  You know our family is big!

I will try to get my Curry & Naan recipes from last night posted later today but it maybe the weekend.   LOTS to do today.  And Mom is not doing too well at this time.  She is beginning to have much discomfort.  Things are changing with her condition.  Not drastically but I see subtle changes daily.  I will keep you posted.

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