If you play in the dirt, nurture your family, support other women, respect the Earth, listen to your inner voice,walk your talk, speak your mind, practice tolerance…if you are a creator, friend, activist, homekeeper, this is the place for you.


I am a little more than SuziHomemaker and NotQuiteJuneCleaver. A wife and mother for 3+ decades, I have worn many hats in the past three decades. Wife, mother, gardener, writer, teacher, baker, butcher, candlestick maker! I have co-owned and operated a catering business with my daughters and mother. I have owned and operated a successful soapmaking business and have two self published cookbooks, NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes a Pie, Christmas Traditions, and one soapmaking manual, Soapmaking 101,. I am from a family of extraordinary cooks, and married into a family of extraordinary cooks.

I don’t know exactly why I need a blog. Maybe its that whole “everybody’s doing it” kinda thing. I have things to say…but nothing terribly urgent. But as most women, I can always figure out something to talk about. I am all about being at home. In March of 2014, after 18 years in the country, we moved from our little cottage at the end of the dirt road to a beautiful new home in the city. The times they are a-changin’. We  had lived in that little green cottage longer than we had lived anywhere and we fondly called our home The Rose Cottage.  That has not changed.  A home is what the people that live there make it. The people haven’t changed so  The Rose Cottage has just changed zip codes. Home is where I write, sew, cook, teach, play in the dirt. My husband and I have raised six children. Our youngest in college…the times they are a-changin.

So this blog will be my starting point. Living a plant strong, gluten free lifestyle among my family of omnivores and bread fiends 🙂 along with green household helps, gardening, making things, family life and my feline friends.

There is immeasurable value in what I do.

I won’t ever believe otherwise.

Happy to have you visit my home on the web. I LOVE for you to leave comments on my entries. But because of huge amounts of spam and petulant comments left in the past, each comment is read by me before being approved. I try to visit several times a day and approve waiting comments so be patient with me please. Thanks again for taking the time to peruse my blog. Please visit often!