Hey peeps! Meet Brenna!

She’s my soon to be niece in law.  She’s started a blog and she’s so adorable I think you will love her AND her blog!  She skeedaddle over there and check her out!

Deliriously Domesticated


How did we get here??

I think the fact that I no longer live in the country is finally sinking in.  Almost.  Jerry and I went down to the old house yesterday to assess, make lists and start a plan for the last of the remodel so we can put that little gem on the market.  The yard looked beautiful.  Our neighbor is keeping it mowed for us until we sell.  The wisteria was amazing – so full and lush.  The roses are kind of sad looking but they have done their thing for the year.  The raised beds all looked sad and empty.  I didn’t even go to the greenhouse.  I wanted one for so long and that too has to stay behind. This is the first trip back that has really bothered me. My whole life changed kinda overnight. No more big sewing projects or catering or baking for people or gardening on the scale we were doing it. Made me a little sad. But not enough to want it all back. Ya know?

All I am saying is I am still VERY happy with our decision to move to the city.  All the pros far outweighed the cons.  But I am having a bit of an adjustment period and I think I have to allow myself to be a little sad as we finish up down there and get the house ready for market.

I have found someone who will take my fabric.  My 1/2 ton of fabric LOL! Not actually a half ton, but several good size containers.  I will keep a small amount and one bundle that I had designated for a quilt top.  All my soap and candle supplies and equipment will be up for grabs.  I think we have about decided next time Jerry is home to start having yard sales.  I hate them with a passion but someone can use these things. My d-i-l has offered her help and I welcome it!  The times they are a changin’

My days now are filled with a little cooking (or ordering in), a little laundry, some housework, a couple of hours at the gym, weather permitting – biking in the evenings.  Sounds full enough but oddly when I go to bed at night there is seldom anything left undone like before.  I was always thinking of 10 things I didn’t get finished the day before.  That is very unsettling at first.

I have signed up for some online college classes.  They are free.  So if I change my mind, no loss.  I feel like I need to get my brain going on some new and exciting things.

My d-i-l also told me any time I get a hankering to bake, please do so.  So I am sure that will be on my list again very soon.  I have two cookbooks outlined and need to test recipes so, yes, I need to bake.  And cook.

I am happy to announce I will also be reviewing some cookbooks again for Gooseberry Patch!

That’s exciting.  So watch for that to begin again soon.

See you all again soon!


Spring has sprung, the grass is green…

and I hear the little birdies sing.  Actually I hear them flying into my windows!  I think we have swallows trying to build a nest somewhere on our house.  I would prefer they not do that but…Need proof?? Not a sparrow but a little birdy was trying to get my attention.  Tap tap tap.  And then looked in at me like “aren’t you going to let me in??”


Our new home is just lovely and more room than I ever dreamed we would have.  The size makes it impossible to clean all at once. For me anyway. So I am perusing the Internet in search of THE BEST method to get it all cleaned and maintain a level of cleanliness that will make us all happy.  I still have unpacking to do and pictures to hang.  I have one picture hung in the laundry room.  I know ~~an odd room to start in but I put a hole in the wall trying to hang a broom rack and ugh…well I hung a picture over it.  That’s all I am going to say about it.  But I won’t be hanging anything that requires a screw or nail. Jerry will have to do those.  But it was the perfect place for one of two signed Warren Kimble prints I have.



I met Mr. Kimble on one of my trips to Brandon, VT.  The quintessential Vermont town I like to think of as my second home. Here’s a picture of the day I met him.  I was pretty stoked. 248692_2043219450951_5793071_n

Rachel and I strolled into his gallery and there he was painting! He was so gracious and talked to Rachel about her art.

Now where was I going with all this???  Let’s see…made 125 little pies this weekend…for a wedding.


…so far I have biked 8 miles this weekend and tomorrow I would like to add at least 4 more.  See ~~ I joined a gym – it costs money SO, I am more motivated to actually do what my trainer tells me to do.

I know this post seems like nothing more than fits and starts but I have taken all day to write it.  Work a while, ride a while, write a little.

I really just wanted to say hello and check in.  My poor blog is so neglected and in turn my readers.  If in fact anyone is reading this…if you are leave me a little note.  And I will do my best to do better.  It’s hard to believe I used to average 20K unique hits a month.  Maybe that’s not a lot but it sounds like a lot to me!!