Autumn here I come!

Every time I open Facebook or check on blogs I read regularly, I see that Autumn is beginning to show itself.  Well everywhere, it seems, but here.  We are still in the throws of Summer.  Horrible, hot, humid Summer.  I am not going to say I loathe Summer.  Without it would I appreciate Autumn? Or Winter.  I happen to love cold weather.  Well Louisiana cold weather.  I am not sure how I would handle real Winters.  But, frankly, I am willing to try.  I have all but given up on ever living anywhere but 899.


Not that this isn’t a lovely little corner of the Earth.  There are so many people who would trade places with me.  Almost the end of a dirt road, 4 miles from town, three acres surrounded by pastures and cows and woods and a creek and ponds full of Canadian Geese that Winter here.  And now we have city water so we can keep all our lovely plants and garden watered when we are in the middle of a drought like we are now.

AND it is a wonderful place to gather family and friends.  Which is exactly what we did yesterday. It was great.  We got to see all our children plus Grandson Sam.  Jerry made the most amazing Chicken Marsala.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE curry and this was just the right amount of heat and spice.  Perfection.  I will get his recipe and share it later.  And I made two coconut cream pies.  One gluten FULL one gluten free 🙂


Middle son and his wife didn’t stay and eat because they have a new addition to the family:


Meet Zoe – isn’t she adorable??

They needed to get Zoe to her new home and get her settled and we have an incident from a few years back (we will never forget) with one of their doggies and one of our kitties.  Let’s just say stitches were involved and if the cat had wanted to kill the dog, it would/could have. Charlie (little maltipoo I think) had barked and chased and barked and chased all afternoon.  Mo was his target.  Mo was at least twice his size/weight and had never really been around a little barking dog before.


Bear in mind Mo was our pirate kitty who lost an eye so his defenses were always up. And a real sweetheart.  Calm and docile.  But you know, you can only push so far, till you get pushed back. Well, son and DIL were getting ready to leave and I suppose Mo decided to send Charlie home with a message about the barking and chasing. He came from under a bush, seemingly from nowhere, rolled the doggie twice and the encounter lasted maybe 6-8 seconds.  Charlie started yelping and shaking and immediately his white fur was no longer white.  He was bleeding profusely.  We grabbed him up, ran to the bathroom with him, washed his cuts and immediately realized it was way past anything we could do for him.  So off to the doggie emergency room.  SOOOO, that whole story was to say son and DIL called when they got close and ask that we put Angus up for a few minutes so we could all meet little, bitty, sweet Zoe. She’s precious and makes me sorta kinda want a dog.  But just sorta.  I am a cat person.  I love my cats.

OH YEAH!  This post was about Autumn.  And me going to it instead of it coming to me.  October 1st I head to Vermont for 9 glorious days.  Cannot WAIT!  I am taking my bestest girlfriend from high school. A GIRLCATION, if you will.  Fun will be had! If you have read any of what I have ever written, likely you have run across a post or two about my love for all things Vermont and New England.


So I am happy to be meeting Autumn in Vermont this year.  And New Hampshire.  And Massachusetts. And Connecticut – were we will visit Mystic AND get to spend a little time with another friend of mine.  It will be a trip to spawn many a post 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday.  Remember to rest a little today. Maybe a nap???

Love and Peace to you all.



Saturday Tastiness

Okay, I did something really dumb last night and at my age, and with my experience, I have no excuse. I ate some gluten.  It was delicious.  I knew it was gluten-ized food and I ate it anyway.

Well, I paid the price all night and have been up for 5 hours and it isn’t even 9 a.m.  So having been up that long, I thought breakfast food was ridiculous.  Not as ridiculous as eating gluten, but still not a great idea.  My tummy has been flip flopping for about 12 hours now and I start thinking maybe it is safe to put something else in there now.

I start rummaging around in the freezer and see a Hilary’s Eat Well Hemp and Greens Burger package.  So I put one in the toaster oven and wasn’t terribly satisfied that it was brown enough after the suggested time and popped it in a skillet to just brown it a bit more.  OMG – OMG – OMG! Amazing.  I could eat these every day.  Seriously.


Thank you Hilary’s Eat Well!  I will be filling my freezer with your products!

Look peeps – check out what all they DON’T have in them!  And yet, they are freakin’ delicious!!!! I am so excited – really, I am.


I hope the majority of you don’t have to eat gluten free but if you do…this stuff has your name written all over it!

Happy Weekend! We are getting ready to have all our kids here for a meal tonight plus my little man Sam…I love that boy!


Love and Peace to you all!



Meet Jane Addams (September 6, 1860 – May 21, 1935)

No not of THAT Addams family.  Though I do love Morticia.  A lot.  This is one of those spectacular woman in history that we never were told about.  Or at least I wasn’t.  To be honest, I wasn’t told about much history of any kind.  My education sucked.  Not joking. I wish I could say to you I think my meds have erased that memory but I fear I never had it.  How?  How did I not know about her?

I mean the woman was the first American woman to be award the Nobel Peace Prize.  And I didn’t know she ever lived or what she did.  I am not only ashamed of my education, I am ashamed I don’t know more about the women who have shaped the world I have raised my kids in.

Better than me just giving you facts about a woman I knew nothing about until this morning, look her up for yourselves.  She is worth getting to know.  I found her wiki page fascinating and I just ordered a used copy of this book:


So I will leave you this Friday to go about the tons of things I need to get done before company arrives for the last weekend before Jerry goes back to work.  I vowed to write every day and then quickly fell down on that promise.  Such is my life.  Good intentions.  Poor execution.  BUT guess what is coming up VERY VERY SOON! A Gooseberry Patch review and giveaway! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!!  I am excited! Can you tell?

See you all soon.  Love and Peace to each of you.