Thirty-six years ago today…

I married my best friend.  So no post today. Back tomorrow…love you all, but love him more :)



My Favorite Benjamin

in the whole wide world!  I don’t know another Benjamin who could have ever lived up to the standard Benjamin Jude Dahlem has set.  And he is one of my three favorite sons :) Okay, I only have three sons.  But he is such a great young man.  And it is so good to his mama.  He never gives us any grief whatsoever.  And that my friends, is remarkable.  And should be praised, bragged about, shared with whomever will listen.  Ben will be starting his Senior year today.  His last year of high school.  Where did the time go?

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What a boy we have. So so blessed. He’s patient. With me and his family and friends. A bit impatient with stupid, racist, judgmental, radical, extremists. Oh and bad drivers :)  He’s quiet.  Does much more listening than talking.  Much MUCH more.  He’s a computer wizard.  Not much for sports except for watching hockey.  And then I think it’s a take it or leave it kinda thing.  He loves music and movies and Breaking Bad :)  And I thank him so much for introducing me to Dr. Who.

Ben and I have spent a lot of time together and homeschooling has been a wonderful experience with him.  He used to give me a tiny bit of trouble about math but only a tiny bit.  But he messed himself up when he was about 6 and he looked at the clock one day and as quickly as anything said “We have to hurry. It’s 17 minutes ’til YuGiOh.”  Really? How did you do that so quick?  Subtraction? Huh.  Interesting.  Other than that we’ve had a smooth time of it.

The most heard words from Ben: If you want me to.  I’ll carry that.  It’s up to you.  I’ll ride with you. Mom your too old to be doing that. Let me.  I don’t care, what do you want for supper?  Sure, why not?  AND Do we have to mow today?  LOL

I love our Benjamin Jude.  He’s my sidekick.  My muscles.  Many times my legs.  He can grocery shop faster than anyone I know.  And he’s like his brothers, he loves his family and is loyal and honest and trustworthy. He’s a wonderful son, brother, uncle, cousin…human being.  He’s a real man. And I couldn’t be prouder.


So…it’s Sunday

This day means lots of things to lots of people.  In certain parts of the world it is actually the beginning of the work week others it’s their day of rest.  But to spite what people around these parts would have you believe beginning this month a lot of focus is on football and preparation for hunting season. Autumn being just around the corner for some of the rest of us is exciting too.  By “some of us” I really meant some of you.  It is a while until it cools off here.  We are so excited because the weather is to be only in the low 90’s ONE day next week :)  But I am going to try and remedy my need for some cooler weather by making what has now become my annual trek to Vermont the first of October.  Now THAT I am excited about.  Here are a few pictures from my last trip.  I might have already posted them but really, can you see too many pictures of Vermont?

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Have a lovely LOVELY Sunday! Monday I am going to tell you all about Benjamin Jude. He read my posts about Hannah and Rachel then told me “Next time you can tell everyone how I am really your favorite.” LOL – love that boy! So yes, one day next week, probably tomorrow I am going to tell you ALL about my favorite Benjamin :)


And if I can get myself together, NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s etsy shop will be up and running again soon. Just in time for some holiday shopping.  Hopefully that “if” isn’t too big :)

Love and Peace to you all!