Wednesday’s Woman – Tasha Tudor (1915-2008)

Today would have been Tasha’s 98th birthday.  I would rehash my admiration of her but that was tainted a couple of years back when her family started fighting over her estate and ultimately her remains.  I wondered what kind of woman actually raised such a passel of idiots.  I invite you to read my original thoughts on the matter here. It was interesting to go back and read how strongly I felt about it at the time and how just a couple of years will change the strength of feelings about something you are so removed from.


I still very much appreciate her art and her ability to live her life as she wanted.  But even as the years have passed I wonder at what cost any or all of it was to the health of her family life.  But what do I know of it?  Not much.

Happy Birthday Tasha.  I wish your apparent peaceful life had had more of a positive influence on your offspring because they seem to have turned out rather badly.  Nonetheless, your cookbook still graces my kitchen shelf and your print hangs in my shoppe.  RIP.


War of the Tudors

Today is also our nephew Patrick’s birthday and 50th Anniversary of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech.  RIP Dr. King.  We have made progress, but we still have an awfully long way to go.   But thank you for your courage and convictions.



Tree-hugging (and Testy) Tuesday

So after my promise to post a little something (almost) everyday, my internet has been down since last night! That’s how things go sometimes.

Back in the day when I was a regular blogger Tuesdays were designated Tree-hugging Tuesday. In fact I designated a theme for each day of the week. And it worked well so I think going back to those self-imposed guides will help me stay on track.  I found this yesterday and found it fascinating.  I will be in New England in October, and Plymouth is one of the planned destinations and I think visiting one of the first fruit trees planted in America would be pretty great. You can click here and read the article.


I will post my own pictures if I get to make a pilgrimage.  Get it?  Plymouth, pilgrims, pilgrimage?  A little lame?? oh well.

It will take me a while to get back in the blogging habit and I hope you will bear with me.  To set aside time to do it AND find something interesting to tell you.

Have a great Tuesday filled with peace and love.



NotQuiteJuneCleaver is back!

Seriously, stop shaking your heads.  I am.  Really.  For sure.  And to start this week of “being back” off right, I am going to show you something I came up with this morning.  And if it isn’t a new idea, don’t burst my bubble.  Pretty please?  It is a simple little repurposing of a lid I used back in my Dahlem’s Soapworks days for mason jar lotions.  Just flip it over and ONE kiss comes out at a time! Ta Da!


See you peeps tomorrow.  And my goal is every day at least say hello and share what I have going on, no matter how boring!

Love and peace to you all.