Mother's Day was a wonderful day!

I cooked everything myself – like a grown up! I started off the morning by making my mom a lovely breakfast and taking it over to her…


Then began preparing what ended up being a 2 o’clock meal. Which is pretty typical when we all get together.  We had chicken/rice at my son-in-law’s request. I made a vat of it so he could have some for lunch today. I baked a ham, make au gratin potatoes that were the yummiest! In fact when my nephew arrived yesterday afternoon he asked where the famous potatoes were! They were all gone…so what is a good aunt to do? Make another batch for supper. He said they were awesome. This very thoughtful nephew brought me a picture frame for Mother’s Day. He and I have always been tight. Very thoughtful of him.

My middle son and his wife gave me two hanging plants for my back porch…they are lovely! He is working so I talked to him a couple of times yesterday.

Little Grandson went back home yesterday afternoon. He wasnt ready to go I think. I am sure he will be back very soon. He loves being here.

My mom had a very good day and enjoyed her company tremendously. My youngest brother couldnt be here due to work but will be here Tuesday to spend a few days with her.

Back to the menu…let’s see…

  • Potatoes Au Gratin
  • Baked Ham
  • Chicken & Rice
  • String Beans
  • Corn
  • Fresh Cucumbers & Tomatoes
  • Rolls
  • Peach Cobbler, Cupcakes and Brownies (everyone likes different sweets!)

mdgoodies-copy.jpgI think that’s it. I am really not used to cooking for that many people and doing the whole meal…other than the potatoes the amounts were perfect and everyone enjoyed their meal.

I have lots of phone calls to make today to try and schedule appointments for my mom to see a pulmonary specialist about the mass in her lung. Her primary doctor wants her to have a needle biopsy ASAP. This will be done in Shreveport so my brother and his wife will be able to help some with the traveling. In fact I think she might stay with them a couple of days on both sides of the procedure to make her trip less hard. I know how tired my dad got of all the doctor trips but would never had stayed away from my mom so we went back and forth in a day.

Lots of changes in the near future. But we will do what we have always done and weather the storm. What choice do we have? We cannot crumple into a corner and cry ourselves silly. There are things to do. Plans to make. Procedures to schedule. On top of all our daily work. And when all is said and done, we will have done our very best.

My spirits have been up even with the bad news of the week simply because I have had some contact via phone with Husband. I heard Hannah telling Jessica yesterday how that first phone call from him made me over to a whole new person. She thought it very sweet but a little odd. When they have been with a man for almost 34 years they will understand. Just the sound of their voice makes a calm come over you. He is so very sorry he is not here physically to help me with all the goings on. He wants me to schedule my gall bladder surgery while he is home…that might not happen. Depending on all this other stuff. And the poor man wants a hamburger and some Bunny Bread. Bunny bread is a brand of sliced white bread available locally. It is soft, and moist and you could sculpt it is so dense! More like cake than bread. The food in Tunisia is edible but “not good” in his words. He said he will be doing some serious cooking while he is home. So when we pick him up at the airport Thursday night, I will have him two sandwiches made with Bunny Bread and a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Thursday will be here before I know it as much as I have to do. But won’t be here soon enough. I miss that man.

It is a little after 5 a.m. here so I am going to try and get some sewing done before everyone is up. Have a wonderful day!


Apron Giveaway Is Over…and THANK YOU!

the winner will be announced later today.  We will hold a drawing for first, second and third prizes! We ended up with SO many entries…we simply have to do this again!  I do so appreciate your enthusiasm! Hopefully with a little film clip to let you be a part of it!


Last Day to Enter the Apron Giveaway!

So don’t forget to go to the post...and leave a note! The jar is FULL! For those of you who think you don’t have a very good chance to win…hey you have as good a chance as anyone! IF you enter! I can’t wait to do the drawing! FUN FUN FUN! I am still working on the second and third prizes. I will announce the winners tomorrow (hopefully with a film clip), email the winners…and then post the pictures of the prizes. I am too excited! Thanks to all of you who have visited, entered and also wished my family well in this very difficult time. It is always lovely to meet a kindred spirit even if just in cyberspace! There is a certain sisterhood among those who are handcrafting types. What a gift we have when we can make something with our hands! Craft On Sisters! And Pass It On! Teach a little one to sew or knit or crochet. Crafting with your hands can be such a healing thing.