MeMe and My ALL TIME favorite ad!

Ad first…this is priceless:


And now… a meme I found and modified. Consider yourself invited to play!

A Marvelous Foodie Meme!

1. What is your first food memory? When I was about 3 my mom and I colored everything!  I mean everything!  And I remember specifially shelling hard boiled eggs and then coloring them! And no it was NOT Easter…just a typical day of creative play!
2. What was your favorite dish/food as a child? Bologna Sandwiches! I discovered them when I was 5 and in kindergarten! My mom and dad were VERY particular about what I ate (even though I consumed mass quantities of food coloring!) and I had never eaten cold cuts of any kind.  After kindergarten one day, I went to play at a friends house and came home telling my mom about the most delicious meat I had ever tasted.  It was just wonderful and this other mom put it on a sandwich and I could have eaten another but I didnt want to ask for one, would she PLEASE call and see what kind of amazing meat this was so we could buy it!  My mom was mortified…BOLOGNA!!! All I remember her saying is THAT’S NOT MEAT!!! But she bought it anyway~ I still have a bologna sandwich about once every two years.  You have to have the kind that is sliced with the red plastic still on it and you have to peel off the ring of red wrapping before eating it!

3. Name one of your favorite foods: Steamed Asparagus 

4. What was something you were excited to make for the first time? My first meal as a wife…it was NOT good.  I came into this marriage with little cooking skill.  First comment from my brand new hubby: “How much milk did you put in these mashed potatoes?” To which I responded “Milk???” They were a little pasty.

5. What is your favorite food memory? When I was 6 I had measles (yeah I am THAT old) and I had a terrible high fever and craved strawberries. It was December and all that was available was the kind in a box in the frozen food case.  I remember when my dad brought them home, they were the most delicious things I had ever eaten!

6. Your best birthday party : All out theme with perfect kid food ala Martha? or Quiet family home party with scrumptious cupcakes? Something in-between? When I was turning 6 my mom threw a party for my whole classroom…all thirty kids at my house!  It was amazing.

7. Name one thing you absolutely love to make and eat when you are feeling like a kid again: Cutout cookies…I have so many memories of every conceivable cutout cookie…for any and all occasions!

8. Name something you ate as a kid that you now look back on and wonder “what were my childhood taste buds thinking??” : Silly Straws…the candy that is powder in a straw…yikes they are awful!


More Treasures!

So we went to my mom’s for lunch today and she loaded me up with goodies AGAIN.  This time she sent me home with this beautiful little sugar and creamer set.


These were my aunt’s – my mom’s only sister.  She had all sorts of pretties.  Cups and tea sets…this was always my favorite.  And then my paternal grandmother’s butter churn. My mom’s mom’s got broken by my little brother about 40 years ago! It was the glass kind – like a jar.

churn.jpg It has a wooden paddle that I didnt think to take a picture of.  And last but not least…a milk glass pitcher that is OH SO heavy! And a couple of milk glass serving dishes…pics later.  She also wants me to have this coffee maker that was from WWII when they couldnt make things from metal.  Its very unique…but I couldnt carry it today.  We were walking and our hands were all full!


I hope when our living room renovations are complete, I will have wonderful places to display all my treasures.


Meyer Lemon & Herb Baked Chicken

  1 baking hen thawed
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Fresh  (oregano, thyme, tarragon or rosemary)

1 Meyer lemon cut in half and then one half sliced

1 onion quartered
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Remove the giblets from the cavity if using a whole chicken. Rinse the chicken under cool water.
Pat it dry with paper towels. Separate the skin from the breast and push 4 slices of lemon under the skin, two on each side. Add one tarragon leave to each side and season the chicken (inside and out) with salt and freshly
ground black pepper.  Put 1/2 the onion in the cavity of the chicken, followed by half a lemon, sprig of rosemary, other herbs to taste and the remaining half of the onion.  Tie the hen’s legs together with cook’s twine.   Place the chicken in a roasting pan or a large oven-proof skillet, breast up. Rub with butter. Add 1-2 cups water or chicken broth to the roasting pan. Bake, covered for 1 then uncover and bake another 30 or so minutes or until the skin is golden brown and the meat is cooked through. When the internal temperature reaches 170 degrees for breast meat, 180 for thighs (measured in the thickest part), the chicken is done. Let a whole chicken rest for 10 minutes before carving.