What a find!

My mom gave my oldest daughter my paternal grandmother’s steamer trunk – the grandmother who was my mentor…and Jess called me yesterday just beside herself she had been looking thru things and on top of photos and certificates and correspondence…my granny’s apron patterns!!! OH MY we were both just squealing!!!

Apron Book

We popped in at my daughter’s last night to deliver a rocking chair and she gave me the apron booklet. It is in pristine condition! Not a tear! Above is a picture of the cover.The copyright date is 1945 from the American Thread Company. Inside the cover: Aprons for defence and Aprons for conquest! (Isnt that precious??!!) It reads: Here are aprons designed primarily to defend your dresses and aprons designed primarily for conquests. The former are as attractive as they are sensible; the latter are the merest whiffs of femininity ~demure and coquettish.

Isnt that just adorable??? I know I am getting a little carried away with it but it is just so special to me. AND best thing…it smells just like my granny’s house. All I could do was hold it to my face and smile. There are aprons to be made!

There are 27 things I live by. Over the next few months I will share them with you one at a time. I don’t claim to know much…but I do know these things make my life easier.

#1 Bloom where you are planted.

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