More recipes next week…promise! I have been busy, busy, busy!

These last few days have been a whirlwind and I am not nearly finished!  Here’s a peek at one little thing I did yesterday.

Doll Cake

Today I am working on B’s First Birthday Party stuff…and you can be sure I will be posting pictures!  Stay tuned back to the Gooseberry Patch reviews and recipes next week!  And I have some AMAZING recipes to share from their newest book!



From Gooseberry Patch’s New Big Book of Home Cooking: Homestyle Potato Pancakes


I can’t tell you how excited I was when I got the email that there would be another book to review.  Have you seen a Gooseberry Patch book that WASN’T a winner?  Yeah, me neither!  This one is HUGE! And chock full of recipes you are gonna wanna try!  The first one is a keeper for me for a couple of reasons.  One-it’s about as easy as it gets.  Two-it makes use of something I find hard to use – LEFT OVERS! I don’t know why.  My mom was the queen of leftovers.  She and my granny could make a meal out of scraps I tell you!  Me, not so much.  I try.  But sometimes you can tell I just didn’t know what I was doing.  This recipe makes use of something I usually end up throwing out even though I saved them and had all intentions of using.  But the main thing here is these Homestyle Potato Pancakes were delicious!  I have made latkes many times but never out of mashed potatoes.  What a concept!

Last night I made breakfast for supper.


Eggs, bacon, sausage, ham steak, biscuits and HOMESTYLE POTATO PANCAKES.  One problem.  I didn’t make enough pancakes.  You would think with several pounds of meat plus eggs plus biscuits, one each would have been enough.  Nope.  I will know better next time. OH and there will be a next time.  These were wonderful!


Now as you know, if you follow me or Gooseberry Patch, there is a book giveaway that goes along with my Early Bird Review of this newest book, The Big Book of Home Cooking.


All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of each post pertaining to this giveaway and Early Bird Review and consider yourself entered.  I will be posting at least  4 amazing recipes from this book over the next couple weeks and then on Monday September 12,  I will draw a name from the trusty mason jar and announce the winner.  So counting the earlier post which was really an introduction, you have at least 5 chances to get your name in the drawing!  Who knows, this book is so big (hence the name!) how many recipes I might get posted.  And of course it would be nice of you to tell your friends if you have facebook or a blog of your  own.

NOTE: This HUGE WONDERFUL book will be published September 20th…so if you don’t win, you better get yourself a copy!

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Gooseberry is in the house! And you know what that means!

Squeeeeeeeeee!  A brand new Gooseberry patch cookbook!  And it is beautiful!  Can’t wait to share some recipes and offer you all a chance to win a copy. It is HUGE, hardback, SO MANY beautiful photos and amazing recipes!  You are going to love it.  I can already tell it is going to be hard to pick just a few recipes but I will promise you they will be awesome.  So get yourself back over here tomorrow and get yourself introduced to this beauty and get the first recipe and review.